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The Braai Salt


Well over a year ago, we decided we wanted to produce a salt that contributes to the happiest and friendliest of our national food heritages: the braai.  And so the Oryx Braai salt came about.  We asked Jackie Cameron, a top South African trailblazing chef, to create the recipe and she developed a unique natural process for getting the best flavour out of the ingredients by using only fresh ingredients that have been specially freeze-dried and then ground. 


Oryx’s Braai Salt is a delicious blend of pure, natural, sun-dried Oryx Desert Salt, garlic, sun-dried tomato, masala, coriander, ginger, black pepper, cinnamon, rosemary, turmeric, cumin, all spice and just a touch of sugar. And while of course it’s made for the braai, we’ve also discovered just how much this flavour profile can add to food of all kinds ranging from the humble boiled egg to any dish requiring a more complex sprinkle of flavourful yumminess.

Photo credit: Sense of Taste Chef School featuring their Porkstrich Burger

Not only has our braai salt got a flair for taste, it’s also all natural. There’s nothing fake or artificial inside, it’s free from fillers, MSG, irradiated herbs and spices and preservatives.


To celebrate Braai Season and a successful year, we asked Jackie Cameron, for the story behind how she came to create our Braai Salt. She says:

"I love biting into a coriander seed while eating biltong, hence the salt had to include this.  Also, when I think braai I think spicy-maybe this is because of my Durban/KZN roots, the city of bunny chows.  The sundried tomatoes bring in a happy sunny South African ripeness and freshness.  Let us not forget the rosemary which is such a common braai herb to use-I couldn’t imagine a roast lamb without garlic and rosemary studded inside the meat. All these taste combinations resulted in a uniquely South African Braai salt with true heritage originality."


Braai salt is warming, but it won’t burn.  Fragrant with a punchy profile, don’t let the Oryx horns on our packaging mislead you – we’re not sharp, just gently spicy!

Whether it’s meat, chicken, fish or vegetables on the braai, we’ve been told this salt seems to bring out the best in everything it touches.  And because around the braai your hands are usually full carrying your drink or a plate, people have appreciated the fact this isn’t a grinding salt. This one’s a shaker.  Feel free to sprinkle it on everything! 

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