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Oryx Desert Salt Logo



Pink Floyd and The Beatles had it. So did Apple.  Nando’s has it too.

These iconic b(r)ands stand out because they’ve got that quintessential something that no one else has. They’re different, they surprise, they amaze. They create, produce, serve and innovate so differently from everyone else they make the difference.

So what makes Oryx Desert Salt different from any other salt in the world? Our salt was made in the African desert, steeped in a geological heritage that goes back to ancient times.

  • #FromTheKalahari
    Our salt comes straight from the pristine, beautiful Kalahari desert, harvested from underground rivers, 3 million years old. No hidden micro-plastics, no pollutants, our salt is unrefined and 100% natural. You can’t get purer than that.

  • #SpotTheHorns
    The gracious Oryx gazelle thrive in the Kalahari desert. That’s why we chose this majestic animal with its incredible horns to be our iconic logo. Africa and the safari belong together – taking an exciting journey to spot wild animals in their natural habitat. The word safari is from Swahili  meaning journey.  Not everyone can go on safari, but you can still look for the Oryx in supermarket stores.  Spot the horns!

  • #FeelTheDifference
    We’ve got African dance energy right inside our salt. When the mood hits us, we put on the music and dance! Those dance-vibes are part of the spirit of Africa and are packed right into every bag, box, shaker and grinder along with our salt.  How fun is that?  J

    Oryx Desert Salt is rich in nourishment. All that vibrant life energy comes from the micro-nutrients and minerals in our salt that are so essential for good health. You can feel the difference.

  • #TasteTheDifference
    Salt, like wine, is influenced by the terroir, the place where it’s harvested. The African Kalahari Desert gives our salt its unique flavour profile. The taste is soft, gentle. It has a subtle, complex flavour that tingles the tongue… and will make your mouth water for more. Chefs tell us they love using our salt. So do bakers, chacuterie-makers and snack-producers.  We’re on restaurant tables across South Africa.

We just received a delightful message from Victoria Ho, nutrition and food writer. She says: ‘Oryx makes every meal feel special…’ Do the taste test. Compare Oryx Desert Salt to any other salt and you’ll taste the difference.

  • #MakeADifference
    Oryx Desert Salt is about so much more than just producing a product. We believe that every part of our business journey can have a positive impact on the environment and the communities around us.

    We’ve created refill packs so you can reuse your recyclable glass grinders over and over again… more than 20 times.  In 2021, we saved approximately 476,000 grinder heads and bottles from landfill due to refill boxes being purchased. It also makes a difference to your wallet – you save by using our refill packs.

    The Bushmen were the indigenous First People in Southern Africa and are today one of the most marginalised communities in South Africa. We donate a percentage of our sales to a small community of ǂKhomani San and Mier communities who own !Xaus Lodge in the Kalahari.

The spirit of our business, our very identity is rooted in Africa.  However, much as in ancient times when there were salt routes criss-crossing the earth, our salt is global and travels around the world.

#SpotTheHorns in Wholefood Market Stores, Woolworths, Pick n ’Pay, Wellness Warehouse, Checkers and all good deli’s and health shops.

Spot the iconic Oryx horns on restaurant tables and in retail stores nationwide. South African customers can find Oryx Desert Salt in premium Woolworths stores, Cape Union Mart, Pick ‘n Pay, Food Lovers Market, Dischem and Spar as well as most health shops and deli’s countrywide.

Also available in Whole Foods Market stores in the USA, Namibia, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Germany, UK, Taiwan, Nigeria and launching in Australia next.
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