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Our salt is gourmet quality, yet economically priced without costing the earth


Salt is vital for life, but health-giving salt is so much more than just sodium chloride. Our salt is pure, harvested from an unpolluted source in the pristine Kalahari Desert and is unrefined, preserving all its natural essential minerals and micro-nutrients vital for optimal health.

Our 100% recyclable refill boxes are a key element of our strategy to give our customers excellent value for money.

Our grinder heads are high-quality ceramic which means you can refill your glass grinder bottle up to 10 times and still grind coarse salt and peppercorns as efficiently as when it was brand new.

Refilling our grinders and shakers is not only highly cost effective, we’re also encouraging eco-awareness and being savings-savvy. When you refill, you’re paying less than a THIRD of the price of buying a new grinder.

Once you’re finally finished with your glass grinder, it can be recycled.  Refill boxes are available for our whole range of salts and pepper.


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