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Lientjie Inspired Carrot Recipe


Caramelised Ginger Carrot – inspired by !Xaus Lodge Chef Lientjie Isaks

Scrub 2-3 large carrots clean and then using a potato peeler, peel off long strips the whole length of the carrot.  Be sure to keep the carrot strips in ice-cold water to keep them crisp.  Heat up some butter, sprinkle in about a teaspoon of aniseed (we didn’t have aniseed so we used fennel seeds which worked brilliantly as they have a very similar taste) and fry that gently for a while.  Add in a teaspoon or so of sugar or honey and a pinch of Oryx Desert Salt.  Now add in a table spoon of finely grated ginger (we added in this variation for fun and it worked really well!)

Now add in the carrot strips and let them cook for 10 or so minutes until they’re just tender – don’t over-cook them!   By then, the sugar will have caramelised covering the curled up carrots ribbons in a deliciously flavourful buttery sauce!  

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