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Grilled Leg of Lamb With Rosemary by Jerome Norton


Chef Jerome Norton is bringing you a recipe for leg of lamb you have to try at home. Seasoned with rosemary and Oryx Desert Salt, this dish is filling and flavourful, as well as incredibly simple to follow. Read the whole recipe below, and you’ll be able to make this dish at home for a Sunday meal.


375ml plain whole-milk yogurt

garlic cloves (thinly sliced)

45g fresh rosemary (coarsely chopped)

5g black pepper (coarsely ground)

2.5kg leg of lamb (boneless butterflied)

10g fresh rosemary 

30g ORYX desert SALT


  • Stir together yogurt, garlic, coarsely chopped rosemary, and pepper in a glass baking dish or sealable plastic bag. Add lamb, turning to coat completely, and marinate, covered and chilled, turning over once or twice, for 5 hours or preferably over night
  • Bring lamb to room temperature - about 1 hour.
  • Remove lamb from marinade, discarding marinade, and put on a work surface. Run skewers horizontally through meat, about 5 to 7cm apart, first lengthwise (4 or 5 skewers), then crosswise (4 or 5 more) to form a grid. Sprinkle with half of the ORYX desert SALT.
  • Prepare grill for cooking. If using a charcoal grill, open vents on bottom of grill, then light charcoal. Charcoal fire needs to be medium-hot - when you can hold your hand 15cm above rack for 3 to 4 seconds. If using a gas grill, preheat burners on high for 10 minutes, and then reduce to moderate.
  • Grill lamb, covered only if using a gas grill, on lightly oiled grill rack, turning occasionally, until thermometer inserted diagonally into thickest part of meat registers 50ºC for medium-rare. It should take approximately 25 to 30 minutes if using charcoal or 20 to 25 minutes if using gas. Transfer lamb to a cutting board and let stand 10 minutes before thinly slicing.
  • Grind together the rosemary and remaining ORYX desert SALT  in a pestle and mortar and serve with lamb.
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