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The taste of Oryx salt is loved by chefs and our versatile packaging options suit a wide range of lifestyle preferences


“Salt is the smallest ingredient in any meal yet it has the biggest impact”

Our salt is enjoyed for its unique gourmet taste. Its distinctive flavour profile means you use less salt for a more enriched flavour and we’ve created exclusive flavoured salts which offer exciting and unusual taste experiences:

SMOKED SALT –  cold smoked over French Oak shavings

WINE SALT – soaked in Shiraz red wine and sundried

BRAAI/ BBQ SALT – free from additives, flavourants, preservatives, wheat or gluten fillers.


Chefs from around the world taste the difference.


“No dish at Restaurant is complete without a pinch of Oryx Desert Salt.” – Jan Hendrik, South Africa’s first Michelin-star chef

“It’s the only salt I use. It really has a fantastic flavour. In comparative tastings, the difference is immediately noticeable, and it fits in with my philosophy: to close borders, to remain local.” – Margot Janse, Francais, Franschhoek

“ORYX salt is a great food salt. I use it as a salt on a day to day basis, as well as a finishing salt. The salt is everything I look for when it comes to flavour.” – Craig Cormack, Sofia’s at Morgenster Estate, Somerset West.

“I use this salt because I find that the flavour of the final product is better. Salt is a critical part of the curing process and the amount used is very precise in order to prevent the product from spoiling. With Oryx Desert Salt I don’t have to worry about the salt overpowering the flavour of the meat. I don’t use less but end up with a better product. I was using sea salt previously but prefer the flavour of the mineral salt.” – 
Richard Bosman – Richard Bosman charcuterie

It’s not surprising then, that our salt and pepper sets have found their way onto the tables of many of the restaurants in the country.


Lifestyle Products Available From A Wide Variety Of Retailers

A versatile variety of packaging options cater to different life-style requirements ranging from mini travel shakers, mini-grinders, table grinders, cotton bags, gifting sets and refill boxes.  You’ll find our salt on retail shelves everywhere including all good deli’s, Pick ‘n Pay, Woolworths, Spars and Cape Union Mart.


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