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Cold White Tomato Soup by Chef Nadin Pospech-Demmler


Tomato soup is one of the most comforting meals you can eat. Whether you’re sick, or having a bad day, a warm bowl of delicious tomato soup is always there to make you feel warm on the inside. This time around, Chef Nadin Pospech is sharing with you a recipe for this traditional dish, with her personal twist to it, ending with a white-coloured tomato soup. Seasoned with herbs and Oryx Desert Salt, this dish can wash away any negative vibration in your body. Make this yourself by following the recipe below.


500g Tomatoes

2 clove Garlic

30g fresh Basil

1 sprig Rosemary

10g White Balsamic

20g ORYX desert SALT

White pepper to season

2 tbsp Crème Fraiche


Wash Tomatoes, herbs and peel garlic

Chop roughly tomatoes and Garlic

Add ORYX desert SALT

(Leave standing for 15 minutes to though out moisture)

Add Balsamic and herbs

Using a bar blender mince everything roughly but not to fine

 Pour mixture into a muslin cloth & let hang over night to collect liquid

Place collected liquid into a bowl

Add Crème Fraiche to finish of soup

Adjust seasoning with ORYX desert SALT

 Serve cold with freshly chopped basil

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