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Calling our Athletes! Do you know why you need salt?


Athletes need salt to stay properly hydrated because salt, or sodium, plays a crucial role in maintaining the body's fluid balance. When we sweat, we lose both water and sodium, which can lead to dehydration if not replenished.

Sweating is a natural response to physical activity, and the amount of sweat produced varies depending on factors such as the intensity and duration of the exercise, as well as the temperature and humidity of the environment. During intense exercise, the body can lose up to several liters of sweat per hour, which can significantly affect fluid and electrolyte balance.

Electrolytes are minerals that conduct electrical impulses in the body and are essential for proper muscle function, nerve transmission, and fluid balance. Sodium is the most abundant electrolyte in the body, and it plays a critical role in regulating the movement of fluids in and out of cells.

When we sweat, we lose both water and sodium, which can lead to a decrease in blood volume and an increase in blood sodium concentration. This can trigger the body's thirst response and cause us to drink more water, but if we only drink water without replenishing sodium, we can dilute the sodium concentration in our blood and cells, leading to a condition called hyponatremia.

What is ‘Hyponatremia’?

Hyponatremia is a potentially life-threatening condition that occurs when the sodium concentration in the blood drops too low. Symptoms of hyponatremia can include headache, nausea, vomiting, confusion, seizures, and even coma. Athletes who engage in prolonged or intense exercise, especially in hot and humid environments, are at higher risk of developing hyponatremia if they do not adequately replace the sodium lost through sweat.

Therefore, it is crucial for athletes to consume adequate amounts of sodium, either through their diet or sports drinks, to maintain proper fluid and electrolyte balance and avoid dehydration and hyponatremia.

The take-away message?

Athletes need salt to stay properly hydrated because salt, or sodium, is essential for maintaining the body's fluid and electrolyte balance. Without adequate sodium intake, athletes risk dehydration and hyponatremia, both of which can have serious consequences on their health and performance. Therefore, athletes should be mindful of their sodium intake and ensure they are adequately replacing the sodium lost through sweat during exercise.

Remember, not all salts are equal. Make sure to choose a sustainable, micro-plastic free, and unprocessed salt for your greatest health.

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