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Heritage Day as we know it was established in 1995 after the first free elections and the beginning of a true democracy in our beautiful country. But let’s not forget that before that, the date was celebrated as Shaka Day in KZN in remembrance of King Shaka, the chief who united all the Zulu tribes. So not only is it a day to celebrate our cultural diversity, it’s also a day to express national unity.

As a nation we’ve faced tremendous difficulties and challenges over these last 5 months. This has only strengthened one of our core values which is the principle of supporting local business wherever and however we can.  Oryx Desert Salt is a locally produced salt, sourced from underground streams flowing through ancient Dwyka rock formations 300 million years old in the pristine Kalahari Desert.

It’s then naturally sun-dried and remains unrefined and unprocessed, still retaining all the natural essential minerals and trace elements when it reaches tables and kitchens in homes and restaurants across South Africa.

Of course one aspect of our living heritage flourishes in the diversity of South African cuisine; it’s no secret that the braai happens to be one of our favourite, and our Oryx Braai Salt is out there on the shelves to prove it!

Our Braai Salt is a free-flowing blend of pure, natural, sun-dried Oryx Desert Salt, garlic, sun-dried tomato, masala, coriander, ginger, black pepper, cinnamon, rosemary, turmeric, cumin, all spice and just a hint of sugar.

The recipe for Oryx Braai Salt was created by our very own top South African trailblazing chef, Jackie Cameron.  She has pioneered a unique natural process for getting the best flavour out of the ingredients by using only fresh ingredients that have been specially freeze-dried and then ground – you can taste the difference!

And like the rest of our range, it’s free of artificial ingredients and chemicals that were never meant to be consumed by humans. Our braai salt is free from fillers, MSG, irradiated herbs and spices and absolutely free of preservatives; there’s nothing fake or artificial hidden inside. The only thing it’s full of is real, natural, fragrant flavour.

So many have lost their livelihoods during this momentous time we’ve all been living through. Let’s express our unity by supporting local businesses so we can contribute to rebuilding our South African economy; the diversity of our heritage depends upon it.

Available in shakers and refill boxes in Pick ‘n Pay, Deli’s and Health Shops.

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